Watch: Tupac hologram at Coachella -- you've seen the footage. Here's how it was done

What were the logistics? Were you guys on site at Coachella?

Yes, our team was on site.

What were the logistics of setting up the projection and mylar film at Coachella, and how did you keep it concealed during the other performances and protected from being damaged otherwise?

It had to be utilized obviously on a stage with other acts. So that's where the custom rigging system had to be deployed, so it would fly in and fly out to accommodate all the other bands.

Was it in place all afternoon, or did you guys set it up in between bands?

It had to be deployed prior to the act.

So, just prior to them taking the stage?

Yes, prior to the actual image itself. So during the act, it was deployed.

How many folks did you guys have on site?

Our company had eight people on site.

Eight people to make sure everything was going according to the specifications?

Right, but there were also -- through the company that actually did all of the staging for Coachella, various production companies...I couldn't even begin to tell you how many people were involved with the project on site, but our team had eight people to execute the actual technology on site.

Were you, yourself, on site at Coachella for the production?

No, I was going to, but it was such a zoo trying to get in and out of there, that I elected to stay back and watch it on YouTube myself.

So what did you think when you saw it online?

Actually, I'm glad I did, because I wanted to see what it looked like online. You know, because it's different when you see the technology in person, to seeing it on TV. When you see it on television or streamed, it looks like you're just watching another performer on stage, even when Wolf did the CNN holographic piece, where they utilized that.

When you watch things on television, to me, it looks like it could always be a CG type of effect, or just a special effect. But when you see it live, it's incredible, because it's so life-like.

So what was your reaction upon seeing it on the Internet? Were you like, 'Wow! That's awesome!'?

Well, knowing how the technology works and knowing everything about it, I was just hoping that it would look like he was on stage like everybody else was, and yeah, I was definitely blown away with how good it recorded and played back to the television audience.

You mentioned Wolf Blitzer. That's kind of the biggest, high profile holographic imagery that's been used. Were you guys involved with that, as well?

No, totally different technology. And honestly, I'm not...when you utilize it for television like that, I'm not sure the effect comes through.

Everybody today is calling it a hologram - the Tupac hologram - but it's not actually a hologram from what I understand. It's 3-D, holographic-looking imagery. Would you say that's accurate: That it's not actually a hologram? And what's the difference?

It's absolutely clear: It's not a hologram. It's a holographic illusion.

What's the difference?

The illusion would be similar to what Disney has done for years at the Haunted Mansion, where you've got a ghost floating there, and it looks like it's really like a ghost. It's an old theatrical trick called Peppers Ghost. Probably the best way to describe it: It's the same effect that a presidential teleprompter has, where you have a monitor below and you have a piece of glass at an angle that it reflects on. You've seen a teleprompter like that, correct?

Or probably for people that can appreciate it more: You're driving down the freeway, and you have a pack of cigarettes laying on the dash of your car," explains Nick Smith, AV Concept co-founder, "reflects up and it looks like the cigarettes are floating above your hood in front of you.

It's a light technology with a reflective technology. The light reflects the image back into something that makes it look like it's standing up. Your windshield raised at an angle like that creates that same effect.

Page down to see some other projects by various companies that utilized Musion Eyeliner:

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Brandt Hardin
Brandt Hardin

This was absolutely phenomenal and shows the brilliancetechnology can bring to art.  It isthrough art that we can carry on the legends of the most brilliant performersand minds of our time.  What a tributethis was to a legendary hip hop artist. You can see some more 2Pac art on my artist’s blog with a surreal illustrationI made in memoriam recently at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot...


Thank you so much for the interview and explanation! 


i saw this in a movie once about edward norton (famous skinhead) 

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