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Tom Murphy
Morton Subotnick and Lillevan at ATLAS Institute


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For the lucky few who got to Communikey HQ in time to get an actual ticket, or those who were patient enough to stick around to see if their names on the waiting list would be called, the show at the ATLAS Institute was memorable. The evening started out with Lesley Flanigan. The New York conceptual/performance/vocal artist had speakers set up around her to use as devices to create controlled feedback that she generated with a vocal mike she held close to the speakers when active. In a sense, she sculpted those sounds by altering the distances and by having the speakers set up to create a different resonance from each other when tripped by the mike.

Tom Murphy
Lesley Flanigan at ATLAS Institute

Flanigan also generated atmospheres with her voice, and she built an variably dense and minimal sonic field with her looping pedal. What was also an interesting component of her performance was the projection of ground level, black and white images onto the large screen behind her, so that it looked like some kind of structuralist film disconnected from anything Flanigan herself might be doing.

The contrast between the black and white and her obvious colorings created a mind-expanding dynamic, as your brain knew that the movements on the screen were those of Flanigan but the image was so big and black and white that it completely threw off your perspective in fascinating way.

Between her use of contact mikes to generate the more textural elements of her sound and her conventionally good voice used not to sing words so much as create a soundscape, Flanigan's set wasn't for everyone. But anyone who has seen a number of noise shows and appreciates that aesthetic would have appreciated Flanigan's creativity in the use of noise, her artistry in manipulating it and the conceptual aspect of its visual representation.

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ATLAS Black Box Theatre

1125 18th St., Boulder, CO

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Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

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