Firefall's Jock Bartley on American Bandstand and the time Dick Clark called the band "Firefly"

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Firefall's second appearance on American Bandstand in 1980 with a female singer they had literally just met! That's Jock on the left in the white fedora.

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Firefall is one of a handful of Colorado acts (Richie Furay and Phillip Bailey were among the others) who performed on American Bandstand over the course of the show's four-decade run, a span that encompasses nearly 3,000 episodes. The band appeared on the show twice, but it's the first time in 1979 that Jock Bartley remembers the most fondly, when the dearly departed Dick Clark got the band's name wrong and he kept it moving without missing a beat.

"The first time we appeared," Barley recalls, "we played the song, and then a minute later, he taped the going-to-commercial blurb and Dick said, 'And that was Firefly with their new hit. We'll be right back...'" Firefly?!

"We were all standing there, still with guitars on," Bartley continues. "The guy behind the camera said, 'Dick, it's Firefall, you want to do that again?' Dick, who notoriously never liked to do a second take on anything -- even a ten-second tag to commercial -- said 'No' and then taped the next segment, saying something like 'Of course I meant to say FireFALL. We'll be seeing them again soon.' We laughed...not a big deal. Hell, we were just on Bandstand!"

When we caught up with Bartley just a bit ago, he pulled the curtain back for us and let us in on a couple other things we didn't know about American Bandstand, a program that marked many a Saturday morning for us when we were growing up, and the outfit's second appearance in 1981. Page down for some fun facts he shared.

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