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Britt Chester
Ellie Goulding performing for an intimate crowd at Hot 107.1 this past Saturday.
Just one week embarking on its recent format shift focusing on electronic dance music, HOT 107.1 brought in its first high-profile guest for an interview and performance this past Saturday. Shortly after noon, Ellie Goulding stopped by the studios to play some tunes for some lucky listeners, followed by an interview with Hot 107.1's Gina Lee Fuentez, which will air today at 5 p.m. Page down for some candids.

Britt Chester
Goulding performed a two-song acoustic set consisting of her two hottest jams, "Starry Eyed" and "Lights."

Britt Chester
Goulding also received two copies of Barry Fey's book, Backstage Past, from a fan.

Britt Chester
Fuentez (left) inquired with Goulding about her thoughts on performing at the Royal Wedding.

Britt Chester
She answered questions about her recent success with her hit single, "Lights," which is about to break the one million mark in America.

Britt Chester

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