Killing Kings to reunite in May to give a helping hand to friend without health insurance

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Killing Kings are getting back together for the reunion show the Denver hardcore scene has always wanted but never expected. Three and half years after their last show, the band is reuniting to raise money for a friend who was hurt and struggling to pay medical bills without health insurance. The show is slated to take place on Friday, May 18, at the Rock House in Littleton (6560 S. Broadway), a church by day and an all-ages, alcohol-free venue by night.

Kings frontman Steve Beam says the idea for a reunion started with a phone call from drummer Nate Howard. "At first we talked about playing a fest in October," he recalls. "The idea has come up before, but I don't really talk to the rest of the band anymore." Beam booked the show in conjunction with a new charity, Helping Hands, and proceeds will benefit Aftermath bassist Shane Norton, a former promoter who is facing partial amputation of both thumbs after a work-related incident.

Just because Killing Kings is getting back together for this one show, however, doesn't mean we can expect any more shows in the future, Beam is quick to note. "They want different things," Beam points out. "I want to play hardcore, they don't. They want to play bars and bigger shows, I don't," says Beam, who is currently working on another project, a yet-unnamed band he says is influenced by H2O, Ignite and Sick Of It All.

Although the final lineup is still in flux, Denver hardcore heavy hitters I Am The Shotgun, Final Blow, Aftermath, Come Forth By Day and Before We're Done are expected to open. Before We're Done vocalist Gary Cherney says it's an honor to be asked to play the show. "When I found out," he confesses, "I screamed like a little girl. Killing Kings was my favorite local hardcore band even after they broke up. They didn't get as much credit as they deserved."

"This," he concludes, "will be one for the books."

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