Madge reportedly hiring Madonna-bes to impersonate her on her upcoming MDNA tour

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Brian Landis Folkins
If you spy a woman that look like this, it may or may not be Madonna.
Oh, now, this is rich: In an effort to thwart the efforts of any would-be paparazzi on her upcoming tour, which hits the Pepsi Center on Thursday, October 18, Madonna has reportedly contracted a cluster of Madonna-bes to impersonator her in various cities. If indeed true (for what it's worth, this tidbit comes from NME by way of the National Enquirer), this is a shrewd move on her part. Note to Madge, though: If you really want to throw off the scent and drive the paps (if there even is such a thing in Denver) crazy, we recommend dispatching your so-called "decoys" and "clones" to Cherry Creek. We hear there's a high concentration of cougars in that particular enclave. Hmm... where else could the Madonna-bes blend in? Any ideas?

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makes sense.   she's probably got some loons on her trail.  


It is probably hard to find other 70 year old women in as good of shape as Madonna.  

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