In honor of Record Store Day this Saturday: Ten records we treasure. What's your favorite vinyl?


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In honor of Record Store Day this Saturday, we dug deep into our collection to unearth our favorite pieces of vinyl. These are the records we treasure above all else. Don't even think about asking to borrow them. If there were a fire, these are the first platters we'd make sure to grab. You get the picture. So these are ours. What are yours? What album (or albums) should we be exceptionally jealous to know that you own? Where did you buy it? Check out our picks and then share your own stories below.

Mineral/Jimmy Eat World/Sensefield - Split 10-inch

I have plenty of records in my collection that are far more rare or valuable than this one -- including the original pressing of Mineral's debut, self-released seven-inch with "Parking Lot" on one side and "Gloria" on the other, as well as an original copy of ¡Alfaro Vive, Carajo! by At the Drive-In that the band self-released and sold on one its first tours -- but this split seven-inch featuring Mineral, Jimmy Eat World and Sense Field is my absolute favorite, mainly because of Mineral's version of "Crazy," in which the band dialed its bombast way back and delivered one of the most stirring versions of the Willie Nelson classic that I've ever heard. Listening to the crackle of Chris Simpson's vocals (he sang through a telephone receiver into an answering machine) and Scott McCarver's feedback-laden guitar squeals still gives me the chills to this day. It's so evocative. Every time I hear this, I always picture the song being played in a scene from a creepy movie in a stalled '57 Chevy on the side of a desert highway on a moonlit night. -- Dave Herrera

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I was 14 years old and bought Company Flows end2end burners with crazy kings on the b-side, It was at that store next to the ogden that is now a cigar shop ( Cant remember the name?) I just remember seeing the cover which was created by cope2 and thinking "holy shit this has to be worth checking out"... 15 years and a 1500 records later and it's still a favorite

David Meyer
David Meyer

My own vinyl collection is pathetically small indeed, leaving little to choose from.  But from those, my favorite would have to Go-Go's "Beauty and the Beat", as one of the records that, quite literally, changed my life musically.  Also, it's the oldest album in my collection that I actually bought when it first came out.  "London Calling", "Look Sharp!" "All Mod Cons" and "Beauty and the Beat" put my ears on the path they still reside, but sadly, I only have two of those on vinyl...


Great record! Store was called Kontents, BTW.

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