Review: Mojo Nixon at Lion's Lair, 4/14/12

Tom Murphy


"Rick Santorum can suck my dick!" was the chorus Mojo Nixon got the crowd to chant as a line in an extended version of "You Can't Kill Me." But everything was an extended version out of an eleven song set. With just his Guild electric and more playfully rambunctious attitude than most punk rockers these days and more genuinely iconoclastic. At the beginning of his set, Mojo came through the crowd to the stage, raised his hands in greeting and went straight into "Debbie Gibson is Pregnant With My Two-Headed Love Child." Some people would save their most well-known songs for later in their set, but oh no! Not Mojo.

In the middle of "Louisiana Liplock," Mojo laid down a ferocious guitar solo like some kind of rockabilly thing gone off the rails. Then he laid into the absent guest of "honor," Tim Tebow: "Ladies and gentlemen. Tim Tebow has never been laid. Tim Tebow has never been drunk. Tim Tebow has never had his dick sucked. I, Mojo Nixon, will suck Tim Tebow's dick to send him down the right path." Something like that. Someone in the audience, forgetting this part, later asked if he would be the one to suck Tim Tebow's dick. Lady, he already said he would.

Tom Murphy
Mojo Nixon at Lion's Lair

For the next song, Mojo told us he would need some audience participation. He pointed at a guy in the audience and said he would fuck him "right in the ass" if we didn't sing along. And admonished us to not do that just to see Mojo's blue-veined dick going back and forth. Then going into detail how it's like a beer can cut in half. Hey, it's part of the show. And no, we didn't see any of that, because the audience actually did sing along to "Tie My Pecker to My Leg." At the end, Mojo treated us to some more of his fluidly powerful guitar work and told us it was, "Hillybilly Hendrix."

During "Don Henley Must Die," Mojo said, "I'm not very good, but I'm very loud," in reference to his guitar playing. Yeah, scratch the "I'm not very good part." Most everyone in the crowd sang along to the choruses of "Don Henley Must Die." Mojo followed this up with "The Ballad of Country Dick" -- the homage to his late friend, and Beat Farmers drummer, Country Dick Montana, who died in 1995 while on stage. At the end, Mojo said, "Let's hear it for Tim Tebow getting his dick sucked by a pre-op tranny!"

"Hamlet Chicken Plant Disaster" had a funny title, but the song was a pretty serious dig at corporate greed, in a way that dispensed with any and all platitudes, for what was probably the most serious and earnest performance of the night. But Mojo followed this up by telling us, "Me and Country Dick were so high we thought we wrote this song." Of course it was: "Are You Drinking With Me, Jesus?" Some guy in the crowd had been crying out for this song half the night, so he must have left the show happy.

Tom Murphy
Mojo Nixon at Lion's Lair

After "You Can't Kill Me," Mojo played "Elvis is Everywhere," and at one point, he asked if we could name the one person who has no Elvis in him? People shouted out different names, but it was a hilariously obvious name for this night: "Tim Tebow has no Elvis in him." Then Mojo got us all to sing the chorus of the song, and the show would have ended there. But he came back for an encore of a song that "used to be called Burn Down the Malls but now it's called Wall Street Can Suck My Dick," with the lyrics "appropriately" changed. In an hour, Mojo Nixon embodied the spirit of rock and roll more surely than most people alive ever could.

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Fun set of shows this weekend.  Good times.

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