Sutra being transformed into the Hive

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After a five-year run as Sutra, the space at 1109 Lincoln Street, once known as the Donkey Den, is closed for remodeling. If you've driven by, you've probably noticed that the place has received a fresh new coat of black and yellow paint. There's a good reason for that, and it has nothing to do with Stryper. Within the next month or so, the club will reopen as the Hive. In 2008, Sutra was won the Best Club Comeback in Westword's Best of Denver. Keep it locked to Backbeat. We'll post more photos and keep you up on details as the opening date moves closer.

Eric Gruneisen

Eric Gruneisen

Eric Gruneisen

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Sutra Dance Bar & Lounge - CLOSED

1109 Lincoln St., Denver, CO

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I went to the opening at Hive and not only was it nothing special, but the people who worked there were rude.  They were very full of themselves for a "club" that lets people in shorts and sandals in.  The woman who was in charge of the Hive girls was so mean and full of herself she said they didn't need customers like us.

Joey B
Joey B

Excellent Stryper Reference.  

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