Ten Coachella dance-move GIFs to make you feel good about yourself

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At Coachella, folks come from all over the world to lose themselves in the music. They'll employ almost anything in this quest -- but mostly drugs. Some of the folks below have taken too many, some are badly in need of a buzz, but all are our favorite awkward Coachella dancers. We're not trying to diss; people like them make the experience so much fun. Three cheers to Nanette Gonzales and Taylor Hamby, who helped put this post together, and the dubstep at the Do LaB stage, without which most of these moves would not be possible.

10. Touch the Sky, Touch the Floor
It almost looks like the ladies above spent a few minutes rehearsing these power moves beforehand, but then were like,"Nah, we'll just do what comes natural."

9. Come Fly Away With Me
There's nothing like a cape to give a man the sense that he can fly. Up up and away with you, fine-feathered friend.

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What's in tiny pony tail's koolaid


Are you sure that tiny ponytails is female?  Those are some bro looking sandals going on there.


That is a nice Fanny pack... ooh neon


I love the dude in the background in #10 sporting a green fanny pack and doing the "I'm gonna stand here and sway to the beat while I check my phone to see how many hotties are blowing me up right now".  

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