Video: The Fray freestyles national anthem at the Kansas vs Kentucky NCAA Championship

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The Fray performed the national anthem at the NCAA championship last night, and like most songs the boys cover, they made it their own. There was nothing inherently wrong with their performance, except that, well, if you're a purist, there was everything wrong with their performance. Really, is it too much to ask to just get a straight reading of "The Star Spangled Banner," a version that's free of embellishments, excessive trills or modulations (yes, we're looking at you, Christina Aguilera) or modifications? Can we simply get somebody with an exceptional voice singing the tune a cappella? Look, we love the dudes, we do -- and, granted, it doesn't come close to giving R. Kelly's version a run -- but even our hero Marvin Gaye gets the gas face from us with his ill-conceived version. Page down to have a look.

(via Yahoo! sports)

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Hitting 80% of your shots in basketball is fantastic. But hitting 80% of your notes ain't.


Well, there was more wrong than just tradition. Seemed pretty out of key at times to me.

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