A 4/20 playlist from marijuana critic William Breathes that's perfect for an irie 420, mon

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Ah, the happiest holiday of the year is upon us! Around the country, thousands of people will be getting together to celebrate our favorite plant, myself included. And what goes better with a spliff of some good ganja than some reggae music? That's right -- reggae music about ganja. Below is the official Mile Highs and Lows 4/20 reggae playlist cultivated by yours truly.

William Breathes is the pot pen name for Westword's medical marijuana dispensary critic. Read his reviews over at our ganja blog, Mile Highs and Lows.

14. "Chalice in the palace" - U-Roy

The king of Jamaican toasting, U-Roy delivers signature voice stylings about puffing one with the Queen of England over Pat Kelly's version of The Impression's tune "Minstrel and Queen" for a classic stoney staple of the early dub music U-Roy helped pioneer.

13. "Pass the Kouchie" - The Mighty Diamonds

A Rasta vocal trio band, the Mighty Diamonds found a hit in Jamaica in 1981 with this song which has instructed countless joint circles as to which way to rotate the spliff ever since. The song was released a year later as "Pass the Dutchie" by a black British boy reggae band, Musical Youth -- all of whom denied that the song had anything to do with ganja smoking. To this day nobody believes them.

12. I Love Marijuana - Linval Thompson

Now more known for his production work in Jamaica, Kingston's Linval Thompson
loves marijuana in his heart and soul, and it gives him a deep meditation -- even drawing the stuff! It also gives some insight into the ganja trade of the late 1970s between the USA and Jamaica: "The white man love to smoke marijuana, the black man love to cultivate it."

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Chelsea Hughes

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