A 4/20 playlist from marijuana critic William Breathes that's perfect for an irie 420, mon

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8. "Who's Got the Herb?" - Human Rights (HR)

Speaking of punk rock... Singer HR's roots-reggae side projects still have the edge he had with his other, more hardcore band, Bad Brains. This song has since been butchered covered by 311 - but don't let that stop you from enjoying the original.

7. "Police in Helicopter" - John Holt

Though known as a lovers'-rock kind of dude, John Holt and his 1983 album, Police in Helicopter, as well as the song of the same name, are hard-core. Just look at this album cover. The song pretty much speaks for itself: If The Man keeps effing with the herb plants, the herb planter is going to burn down The Man's crops of sugar cane, corn and anything else they feel like burning down.

6. Under mi Sensi - Barrington Levy

Barrington Levy wrote a lot of songs referencing ganja, and he's still around singing them to this day. Literally. Mr. Levy is performing this week at City Hall along with Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad.

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Chelsea Hughes

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