A 4/20 playlist from marijuana critic William Breathes that's perfect for an irie 420, mon

5. "Ganja Smuggling" - Eek-a-Mouse

Eek-a-Mouse's sing-talking delivery and scatting is what gets you first, sure. Bidibongbongbidibongbongbidbeng can be hard to get past. But he's telling the story of how a boy from the ghetto went from sleeping on the dirt floor with his family to being a mogul and owning a big house on the hill protected from the hurricanes that used to tear up his home. All because he grew some good herb and sold it to some smugglers.

4. "I Shot the Sheriff" - Bob Marley

You think your love of cannabis is hard-core? The narrator in the song shoots the dastardly Sheriff John Brown because the bastard wouldn't stop destroying the narrator's ganja plants. And we're not even talking flowers either. Just the seedlings.

3.Sensimilla - Barrington Levy

Yes, music is better with cannabis -- especially music about cannabis. At the time this song was written, the concept of sinsemilla (Spanish for "without seed") was taking off among the ganja growers and smugglers from Columbia up through the Caribbean and Mexico as a way of increasing quality and quantity on the plants by removing male plants early on to prevent seed production. It's like rappers today rhyming about purple bushes of kush -- only more awesome.

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Chelsea Hughes

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