A 4/20 playlist from marijuana critic William Breathes that's perfect for an irie 420, mon

2. Easy Skankin' - Bob Marley

There's nothing I can't say about herb and life that Robert Nesta Marley hasn't put a million times more eloquently through song.

1. Legalize it - Peter Tosh

Tosh was an innovator and brilliant musician as well as a ganja crusader who wrote what is arguably the top pro-cannabis anthems ever written. This tune also has the distinction as being the first song I ever listened to when I got stoned for the very first time (thanks, cool cousin R.D.). Because of Peter Tosh, I learned that herb is also called tampeh, the weed, collie, marijuana and ganja. I learned not to criticize it, and that nurses, doctors, judges, and even lawyers smoke it (though clearly not enough of the latter two).

Happy 4/20, friends.

"Legalize it. That's the best thing you can do."

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Chelsea Hughes
Chelsea Hughes

When we will be able to view facebook posts by Denver Westword again?

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