Wyclef Jean contract with CU confirms $80K fee, plus a look at the performance rider

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Nick Callaio
Wyclef Jean at the University of Colorado's free 4/20 alternative show this afternoon at the Coors Event Center.

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Wyclef Jean at Coors Event Center on 4/20

So the figure first reported yesterday by Whitney Bryen of the Colorado Daily is completely accurate. For the free 4/20 alternative concert this afternoon at the Coors Event Center on the University of Colorado campus in Boulder, Wyclef Jean was paid a flat fee of $80,000. It's also true that the contract contains wording prohibiting Jean from espousing the virtues of marijuana -- well, not in those words, exactly. Page down to see precisely what it says in reference to the Agency (Carnival House Touring) and the Attraction (Wyclef Jean), and what was in the rider.

From item twelve in the contract ("The Agency Shall" section):

"The Agency shall ensure that Attraction avoids making direct referrences to marijuana and other illegal drugs or make 4/20 related remarks as this is a University sponsored event."

From item eight in the contract ("It Is Further Agreed" section):

"Attraction assures the University that no speech or performance will be given, the content of which would violate the laws of the United States, or the State of Colorado. Further the Agency shall indemnify the University against any damage caused to its property or injury to its employees, faculty, staff, students, or guests resulting from performers agitating or exhorting present violent or illegal action, when such action on part of the performer(s) has been established as a violation of the laws of the United States, the State of Colorado, or City of Boulder. Should any litigation result from the content of any speech or performance, the Agency agrees to assume full financial and legal responsibility for all required response."

Wait, there's more. Not only did the University (aka the Regents of the University of Colorado) respectfully request that the Attraction (aka Mr. Jean) refrain from visiting such taboo subjects, but if he could also keep it clean on stage -- you know, PG-rated for the kids and all -- that would be great, too. Check it out:

"Attraction agrees that due to the open broadcasting nature of this venue, all language used on stage must be in compliance with the FCC standard regulations on obscenity, indecency, and profanity."

In case that particular section was unclear, the contract helpfully directs Jean and company to the regulations section of the FCC's website. But here's the kicker: while there's no mention of docking his fee if he disregarded the above stipulations, there's a bit that follows about adhering to the "strictly enforced curfew of 10:30 p.m. by the City of Boulder," lest "penalties" be "applied to their performance fee for non-compliance." What makes that clause all the more inexplicable is that the concert was in the rearview by 6:30 or so -- a full four hours before the stated curfew.

Page down to read about what was in the show's rider.

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Were you there
Were you there

Have you ever seen an actual rider? Like come on guys your a music blog and don't know the first thing about the industry? Next time you get a chance look at Coldplays rider then tell me what is "Treating their bodies like temples"... From someone who works for one of the bands on that show I know to now turn down all interviews from your "Music Blog"


F/U CU.... Why the hell are you paying an entertainer 80K dollars for a free concert at all?  I can barely afford college.  I now have to take MORE student loans to pay for CRAP like this.  This is just another perfect example of why the cost of college is so high.   

The Regents need to resign that would go a long way towards lowering the cost of college too.


Our bad, Q. Thanks for setting the record straight. Credit where credit is due: Props to Hadley Vandiver and BW.


Coldplay sucks shit-buds, and so does your snotty post. Maybe no one asked you for an interview in the first place because you really aren't that important. Try that "I'm with the band" crapo on drunk groupies--maybe you'll get an ego/wiener stroke.


Duly noted. Sorry that phrase didn't agree with you. Thanks for reading.

David Wegner
David Wegner

 The money for these concerts don't come from the University, they are likely paid by the CU Student Counsel.  Their revenues are generated from the student fees. Still not exactly free, but not like the University is squandering funds.  Plus, the legal terms are so ridiculously standard considering the context I am not even sure why this is a story. It simply sensationalizes what is absolutely normal..

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