Weekend's best live bets: Tech N9ne, Eric Church, Creed, Rammstein and more

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Aaron Thackeray

Welcome to the weekend! A wide variety of musical options await you over the next few days: Tech N9ne returns to Colorado, his home away from home, for a show at the Fillmore, Eric Church stops by Red Rocks, Creed relives the '90s at the Paramount Theatre, Fear Factory shreds the Summit Music Hall, Calling Out West celebrates the release of its new platter at the Gothic, Edward Ka-Spel of the Legendary Pink Dots visits the Walnut Room, the Five Points Jazz Festival gets underway and Rammstein brings its incendiary live show to the Denver Coliseum. Page down to get the full rundown on the weekend's best live music bets.



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Tech N9Ne is here so often you'd be excused for thinking he lives here. He's doesn't of course. His mail is delivered to Kansas. But that's just where the rapper hails from, really. He lives on the road. And that's precisely how he's risen up through the independent ranks to command the same level of attention and acclaim as his much higher profile counterparts. You can be sure that anything he's gained along the way, he's earned the old fashion way. With his Strange Music empire, Tech has paved his own road and amassed a legion of fans whose devotion is second only to perhaps ICP. All of that would mean nothing, however, if Tech couldn't bring it. Needless to say, he can spit with the best of them.


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Reinvention has come relatively quickly for the members of Calling Out West. In 2009, the trio of guitarist Max Comer, bassist Cody Vinton and vocalist/drummer Jake Vinton expanded the band then known as the Side Project, adding guitarist Mike Anderson and drummer Zach Armijo. Starting with 2010's eleven-song release Short Stories, the newly branded Calling Out West set about broadening its sound, shifting from more melodic balladry to heavier, guitar-laden pop rock. Tonight, the outfit celebrates the release of its new four-track EP, Apollo, recorded at the Blasting Room.


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Since 1980, the Legendary Pink Dots have been creating some of the most inventive, darkly imaginative and emotionally stirring music around. Based originally in London, the Pink Dots relocated to the Netherlands in the mid-'80s, and its lineup has long included both English and Dutch membership. In recent years, longtime members Martijn de Kleer and Niels van Hoorn split with the band, leaving a core four-member lineup, including the band's charismatic and enigmatic frontman, Edward Ka-Spel, and Phil "The Silverman" Knight, both of whom share tonight's bill.

Check out our newly revamped concert calendar for a complete listing of all of tonight's shows. Page down for rundown of tomorrow night's best bets.

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