The five worst albums by professional athletes

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Over the weekend, Serena Williams might have been in Spain playing tennis, but she was getting more attention in the blogosphere for seventy seconds of a leaked rap song she made. The results sound like an amateurish impression of a collaboration between Missy Eliot and the Neptunes. The opening line sort of sums it up: "I ball hard, no tennis racket/I can see these haters through my Gucci glasses."

The leaked track raises a lot more questions than it answers. Is there a mixtape in the works? Did she write those bars herself? Is this a publicity stunt? Whatever the case, Williams is just another example of a successful athlete taking an ill-conceived turn at being a musician. Just because someone is good at sports doesn't mean they're ready to rock a stage.

There's been a surprising number of athletes who've dabbled in music -- John McEnroe playing guitar in the Johnny Smyth Band after his divorce, or Kobe Bryant's unreleased rap album Visions, for example -- and there are quite a few athlete-made albums that actually get released. While we all sit around and wonder whether some of Serena's championship money is going to fund her burgeoning rap career, take a moment to reflect on some of the worst albums made by athletes.

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Andy Broderick
Andy Broderick

I think Hulk Hogan and the wrestling boot band should be somewhere on this list

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