OneRepublic drummer Eddie Fisher arrested in Hilltop neighborhood Tuesday morning

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Denver Police Department photo
Update (4 p.m., 5/16/12): OneRepublic drummer Eddie Fisher appeared in court this afternoon and reportedly pleaded not guilty to the charges that have been filed against him, including two additional counts proposed by the district attorney today of disturbing the peace and wrongs to a minor, presumably spurred by the fact that the alleged violent episode occurred in front of a child. Bond for Fisher was set at $550, and his next hearing is slated for Thursday, June 7.

Update (9 a.m., 5/16/12): Denver Police just released the statement of probable cause in the arrest of OneRepublic drummer Eddie Fisher. The statement paints a clearer picture of what happened yesterday morning: According to the report, police were dispatched just after 1 a.m. to a residence on the 600 block of North Clermont Street in the Hilltop neighborhood on a report of a physical domestic in progress. The call came from a roommate of the alleged victim, Lonnie Weygant (aka Loni Rae).

When police arrived on the scene, Fisher reportedly waved down officers and told them that his girlfriend was acting hysterical and had locked him in a bathroom and struck him several times in the head. "He then had to jump over her to get away," the report reads, and was reportedly making his way out to his vehicle at which point he claims Weygant came outside and took his dog.

The victim's roommate stated that Fisher indeed tried to leave several times but that Weygant would follow him outside and not let him go. But then the roommate goes on to state that she overheard Weygant urge Fisher to leave several times, and then she later came down and asked her to phone the police. At this point, the roommate noticed that the bathroom sink was "off the wall," and that Weygant was bleeding from her lip and finger. According to the roommate, the couple had been dating for the past couple months, and the incident was spurred by allegations that Fisher had been cheating on Weygant.

Weygant, however, told police that it was the other way around. According to her, the couple was coming home from the bar, and she received a text, which allegedly angered Fisher, whom she says suspected she was cheating on him. This led to a verbal altercation that escalated into Fisher "grabbing her by the head and throwing her down," according to the report, in slight contrast to what Weygant told Fox 31 yesterday. "He never physically hit me," she said in the interview.

Weygant then grabbed the keys and the dog and retreated into the house, she said, barricading herself in the bathroom. At this point, she claims, Fisher forced his way into the bathroom until the cabinet broke off the wall. When the police arrived a short time later, both Fisher and Weygant were transported to Denver Health Medical Center for evaluation. Weygant sustained brusing to her arms and legs, as well as a cut on her lip, while Fisher sustained a laceration to his forehead. Fisher is due in court later today.

Page down to read DPD's statement of probable cause.

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