The Lumineers at Bluebird Theater, 5/11/12

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Tom Murphy
The Lumineers at The Bluebird Theater


Wesley Schulz announced that the band was going to perform a Sawmill Joe song and it was obvious much of the crowd knew what was coming, as The Lumineers started the song and brought Joe back on stage. Between pretty much all the members of the band, a great wave of joy issued forth: The Lumineers and Sawmill Joe performed a song that more than a few people in the audience seemed to know and join in on at least the choruses.

Tom Murphy
The Lumineers at The Bluebird Theater
The whole show was a bit of an unexpected display of a communal musical experience that you don't often see. People knew this music and so many people sang along to songs that they've obviously come to love with a band that encouraged the audience participation not in an aggressive, desperate way but with a gentle nudge and grace. Clearly, this band has played this material countless times both in Denver and beyond, at small venues and large, but there was no pretense and these people were very much swept up in the moment last night at the Bluebird.

Not that you could help it when people in front of you are into your music and leaving no doubt with their enthusiastic response. But some artists seem to get jaded with the expectation of such things and this band isn't there yet. Rather, anyone lucky enough to catch The Lumineers at this time will find a band that exudes passion for its material and an overwhelming sense of happiness and gratitude at being able to play that music to people who have checked their judgment at the door. Which is a very fortunate place to be for any band.

Tom Murphy
The Lumineers at The Bluebird Theater
Performing mostly numbers from its debut full-length, The Lumineers made what could be construed as a fabricated positivity into something genuine. With great energy and an ability to convey a panoply of emotions without being trapped in only one mode. If the band displayed its influences more clearly in the past, with this show, it has proven itself not to just be the descendents of its influences but showing signs of being successors in its alchemical ability to firmly establish an impression in your mind and heart as a noteworthy act in its own right.

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Bluebird Theater

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