Never Shout Never's Christofer Drew on how raw food makes him feel super-human, and on "green crack," his favorite strain of marijuana

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Colby Moore

You turned 21 recently, which legalizes some of your free time. What was that party like?

It makes going out a lot easier. Before it was always like, "Can they get me in? I don't know." I throw raves back home, and around my birthday, we threw one of our biggest ones. It was awesome, and we had like 400 people out. We had a full PA system and lasers everywhere.

How do we get on the guest list for one of these raves?

It's open to the public, so come on down. We announce it through Facebook. There's a presale for $5, and at the door it's $10. The fans come, too, sometimes. Some people have flown out, and some have driven, but it's eighteen and up, so it's limited as far as who can get in. We've thrown three big ones and a lot of house parties. They go from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. I really liked St. Patrick's Day because I got almost naked onstage. We had fire dancers onstage, and I was jumping off the amps and going crazy everywhere, and it was fucking badass.

Your audience is so much younger than you. To what extent does this knowledge figure into your creative process?

A little bit. I try to make songs that are relatable for the parents and for the kids. I used to not really like it very much, but now I love it. They're my younger brothers and sisters. I try to be a good example, and onstage I have kind of a potty mouth, so if I see a young kid, I have to be more careful. It's kind of crazy -- I've met five and six-year-old kids on tour at my shows.

Are you worried about being a role model?

I play my role, and if you want to model yourself after me, that's up to you.

Last question: You're an established pot smoker. Will you be indulging in Denver?

I actually have a couple of connections there, and I plan on smoking a little, definitely. [My favorite strain] is from California; it's called green crack, and it's this very sativa strain that makes you upbeat, not groggy like most indicas. For indicas, I like anything purple. We got that green crack recently, and a lot of fans who are sixteen, seventeen, eighteen will come out. We have been smoking out everybody and rolling a lot of joints after shows.

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