The Fray at Red Rocks, 5/11/12

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Brandon Marshall
Joe King of the Fray last night at Red Rocks. Slide show: The Fray at Red Rocks.

THE FRAY @ RED ROCKS | 5/11/12

It was cold last night at Red Rocks. Like balls-into-your-body-cavity cold. Seriously. It was also wet and foggy and miserable. Once the lights went up, though, the Fray's sound cut through the fog and rain and made everyone forget their frostbitten feet. The hometown heroes evoked love from the crowd that no weather issues could quash. The completely-full stands of fans were on their feet from the beginning, as Paul Simon's "Homeward Bound" appropriately welcomed the band home to Red Rocks.

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Brandon Marshall
Isaac Slade of the Fray last night at Red Rocks. Slide show: The Fray at Red Rocks.

As always -- and this is both good and bad -- the band sounded unmistakably similar to a Gray's Anatomy soundtrack. This is a great thing for a cold and weary crowd who just want to sing along; maybe not so good if you enjoy hearing a different take on old favorites. (There was an attempt at a guitar solo in "Never Say Never," but it lasted all of three seconds.)

Brandon Marshall
Dave Welsh of the Fray last night at Red Rocks. Slide show: The Fray at Red Rocks.

The set included a healthy mix of songs from all its albums, from the requisite "How to Save a Life" to "Syndicate" to "Heartbeat." Despite the growing chill, the band showed remarkable energy; Isaac Slade pounded away on the piano, his bald head shining like a wet beacon even into the upper level of Red Rocks.

Brandon Marshall
Ben Wysocki of the Fray last night at Red Rocks. Slide show: The Fray at Red Rocks.

The act closed to an appreciative crowd (who were happy not only to have been a part of this homecoming show, but happy too that they were about to walk to their cars where there were heaters). Maybe it doesn't matter that it was freezing. Maybe it doesn't matter that you could have stayed home in front of a fire and listened to the Fray CDs and heard pretty much the same thing. Maybe what's important is the line that Slade called out to the sell-out stands of Red Rocks: That these were his people. And for this night, that was enough.

Brandon Marshall
The Fray last night at Red Rocks. Slide show: The Fray at Red Rocks.

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Red Rocks Amphitheatre

18300 W. Alameda Parkway, Morrison, CO

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Sorry you didn't review the Saturday show.  Lots of highlights.  The rain stopped halfway thru Frampton's set and by the end of the show the Big Dipper was visible overhead.  Even with the clearing skies, it didn't feel too cold.  Halfway thru The Fray's set, most of the band hiked up to a makeshift stage around the 20th row and played three or four songs from there.  Very cool.  Then near the end, in the middle of a song, Slade ran up the stairs on one side to about the 40th row, ran all the way along the row to the stairs on the other side, then back down to the stage and immediately started singing again.  He was fine for about a minute, then struggled a bit to catch his breath, but managed to struggle thru. It was the last night of the tour and it seemed like the band was happy it was over, happy it was ending in Denver, but didn't want to leave the stage.  They played several encores and when it was all over assembled at the front of the stage with their backs to the audience and had two photos taken of them jumping in the air.  All in all, a great show.  Thanks guys.

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