Jane's Addiction at the Fillmore, 5/29/12

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Jon Solomon
Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction last night at the Fillmore.


Before closing out an hour-and-a-half long set last night, Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell told a packed Fillmore Auditorium: "I read a review of this tour. It was not good. It said, and I say verbatim, 'Jane's Addiction has no reason for existing. They should just stop.'" While there have been a few breaks since forming in 1985, judging from last night's muscular performance at the Fillmore, there's ample justification to support these guys forging ahead and not throwing in the towel for good.

Jon Solomon
Etty Lau Farrell

While Farrell still considers Jane's Addiction part of the underground, as referenced in the show's opener "Underground," one of three songs from last year's The Great Escape Artist, last night's performance was arena-worthy. Taking the stage while Pink Floyd's "Welcome to the Machine" played, the band then plowed through "Underground" with Farrell's wife, Etty, dancing with an opened jacket and white bra and panties underneath. Although there might have been seventeen years between the times "Mountain Song," from 1988's Nothing's Shocking, and "Just Because," the only song played from 2003's Strays, were released, Jane's played each tune with equal force.

"When I was in high school I used to watch all the pretty girls walk by, and they'd say 'Oh, Perry, how are you?," Farrell told the revved-up crowd after a raucous take on the hit "Been Caught Stealing." "I'd say, 'Hey, what you up to you? Wanna go out tonight?' 'Oh, Perry you're so cute, but I'm going out with this guy, and I met him at the club, and he's like 34 and owns a modeling agency.' 'So fuck him. I mean, tell me the truth. What's wrong with me?' She says, 'Well, you're just skin and bones and you got a pointy nose'."

With that Chris Chaney, who's been in the band off and on over the last decade, launched into opening bass line to "Ain't No Right," one of the most energetic cuts of the night, fueled by drummer Stephen Perkins' feverish and thunderous work on the toms.

Jon Solomon
Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction last night at the Fillmore Auditorium.

Up to that point, the band had been motoring vigorously through one cut after another, with guitarist Dave Navarro ripping into one solo after another as Farrell pogoed around the stage with strobe lights flashing until slowing things down a bit on "Ted, Just Admit It..." As black and white video of girls stripping in black bra and panties played on either side of the stage, Farrell asked, "Who doesn't like titties? Men like titties. I like titties. Dave, you love titties. Chris, I wonder how much you love the titties. Women love titties. Yay, let's celebrate titties!" As the song intensified with Perkins riding the toms again, bondage footage was beamed on either side of the stage.

"Mind if I have a seat?" Farrell said before he, Navarro and Chaney played "Classic Girl" sitting on stools. "They say you should never eat or drink on your feet. I don't know how many meals and drinks I've had on my feet. Probably more than I've had in my seat. A lot more. It's okay. That's why they invented chairs, right?"

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Music Fan
Music Fan

Great job on the review.  The show was absolutely incredible.  The lights, the models, the videos, the crowd and the MUSIC was perfect.  One of the best shows I've ever been to!

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