Van Halen fans recall where they were in 1984


As you might have heard, Van Halen played the Pepsi Center in Denver last night, dusting off a few hits from its mega-selling album, 1984. Roving photographer Brandon Marshall hit the Pepsi Center parking lot asking fans to share where they were in 1984. Here are some of the people he talked to, and you can see the rest of the highlights from the evening in the full Van Halen in Denver photos slide show.

This Van Halen fan, on the right, spent 1984 in the Oklahoma correctional facility for burglary.

This Fort Collins resident was graduating high school in 1984.

More photos: Van Halen in Denver slide show

This tail-gater remembers being in junior high and listing to Van Halen for the very first time in 1984.

More photos are on the next page.

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Pepsi Center

1000 Chopper Circle, Denver, CO

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