2012 Westword Music Showcase local lineup!

We're just over a month out from this year's Westword Music Showcase, and we've already let you know who we have headlining the mainstage this year -- but keep it locked on Backbeat for another big announcement this coming Monday. Now it's time for us to give up the goods on the local lineup. As you'll see below, it's completely stacked to the rafters this year with all of your favorite homegrown acts, plus more that will be announced in the coming weeks. Page down to have a look, and if you haven't already, be sure to pick up your tickets and then see if you can win a VIP upgrade.

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• Achille Lauro
• A. Tom Collins
• Arliss Nancy
• Big J. Beats
• BigWheel Electrosoul
• Bold Type
• Bop Skizzum
• Broken Tongues
• CacheFlowe (Yo Soy Sauce)
• Carbon Choir
• Carmen Sandim Quintet
• Choke the Word
• Churchill
• Cobraconda
• Ian Cooke
• Danielle Ate the Sandwich
• Dead Ringer • Diamond Boiz
• The Dont's and Be Carefuls
• Rob Drabkin
• Eldren
• FaceMan
• Fairchildren
• Filthy T
• Fingers of the Sun
• The Foodchain
• Force Publique
• Glass Hits
• Glass Homes
• Greg Harris Vibe Quintet
• Hearts in Space
• The Hollyfelds
• Human Agency
• In the Whale
• Il Cattivo
• I'm With Her
• The Informants
• Input • iZCALLi
• J. Carey
• Turner Jackson
• Rachel James
• John Common and Blinding Flashes of Light
• Joy Subtraction
• The Kentucky Parlor Pickers
• The Knew • Koo Qua
• Land Lines
• Lola Black
• Lords of Fuzz
• M and the Gems
• ManCub
• The Manxx
• MF Ruckus
• Bianca Mikahn
• Aakash Mittal
• Mombi
• Morning Clouds
• My Body Sings Electric
• New Ben Franklins
• No Fair Fights
• Joshua Novak
• Option 4
• Andy Palmer and Grub Street Writer
• Petals of Spain
• The Photo Atlas
• Pitch Invasion
• Potcheen
• Raincheck
• The Raven and the Writing Desk
• Real Magic
• Red Stinger
• Rubedo
• Caleb Slade
• SlaughterHouse Rootz
• Snake Rattle Rattle Snake
• Spires
• The Swayback
• Take to the Oars
• John Templeton
• The Foot.
• Tin Horn Prayer
• Dan Treanor
• Trichome
• Varlet
• Wheelchair Sports Camp
• Whiskey Tango
• Wire Faces
• Wonderlic
• The Yawpers
• The Young Austin Band
• Zebroids

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Wilma got it right, holy shit what a terrible lineup. Headliners are a joke this year. 


Headliners were weak enough. A few notable local absences; School Knight, for one. It's like you want smaller crowds. Mission accomplished. Better luck next year.


Not one of the bands from the "Extreme Metal" category listed (yet)...will there be one (or more) added to the final line-up?  Hope so...


Demon Funkies released a new album and have been working non-stop. ...crushed they're not on the list yet.  :(

Victor Barrera
Victor Barrera

I love John Templeton, but I believe he's going to be gigging up in Europe during that time. You should be contacting either Brick Lee or Ivy to fill that slot. 

Peace Will Win
Peace Will Win

No Musketeer Gripweed?  Denver's missing out :)

bryan baba
bryan baba

Very nice post! That's a long list out there but thanks a lot for that list. The Westwood Music Showcase will be a hit and I am sure of that. Many will surely come on this date including myself. I will be noting this on my concert's list of gigs. Damn, can't wait for that time to come.


 @e508af0e845b5610b39f5adedcca9081:disqus The lineup is not complete yet. Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming weeks. There will definitely be metal and much more.


FYI: John's European trip has been postponed, so he will definitely be performing, and watch this space for more acts to be added. We're not done yet.


Great...looking forward to seeing some of the top EM talent on display (i.e., Dissonance in Design, Vimana, CTTTOAFF, etc.)

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