Weekend's best live bets: Rick Ross, Big Head Todd, Danielle Ate the Sandwich and more

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Catch Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, Tyga, B.o.B. and more at this year's KS 1075 Summer Jam tonight at Comfort Dental Amphitheater.

Welcome to the weekend! Whoo freaking hoo! Another stacked one on tap. Tons of options no matter your flavor. We've got Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, Tyga and more at KS 107.5's Summer Jam, Big Head Todd and the Monsters's annual sojourn to Red Rocks, a parade of imports, including Destroyer, Sarah Jaffe, Dirt Nasty, Cobra Starship, Lemonade, Nickelback, plus four local CD release parties featuring Patrick Dethlefs, the Say So, Glowing House and Danielle Ate the Sandwich. Page down for the full rundown on this weekend's best live bets.



Rick Ross exploded onto the scene as a huge presence, both in stature and lyrics. His deep, gruff voice chronicled ghetto life in Miami with lurid details of the cocaine game and the ways of a hustler. Having amassed crazy amounts of success with hits like "Hustlin'" and collaborative joints like "Stay Schemin'" and "I'm On One," the Maybach Music Group boss is easily one of the most popular rappers in the game, commanding any stage he graces. As he heads up a cast of other high-profile spitters at this year's KS-107.5 Summer Jam, expect the Bawse to absolutely set it off.


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While it's true that nearly every corner of folk-inspired music has been explored ad infinitum, Patrick Dethlefs doesn't sound like he's trying to be Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, Richard Thompson or Nick Drake.Maybe he worked his way through those influences early on, learned what he could and forged ahead to craft music through which he speaks for himself. Still in his early twenties, Dethlefs sings with the authority and emotional richness of someone a decade older. His EP with Eye & the Arrow earlier this year was brimming with promise, and his new album, Fall & Rise, with its luminous melodies, emotional intimacy and hushed grace, is the kind of debut upon which careers are launched.


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Even in their small talk, these guys -- Fisher, Beeble, drummer Robbie Spradling and singer Sean Palmer -- spend as much time in their heads as in their hearts. The same translates to the textured, soaring melodies of their first full-length album, The Romantic, which regularly shifts between ambitious storytelling and emotional drama at the turn of a phrase, with hooks pinned to cerebral insights.


In the early '90s, when he began his pop-culture career, Dirt Nasty was better known as Simon Rex -- a super-tan MTV VJ and the occasional star of screwball comedies and prime-time teen shows. Around 2007, Rex went in a new direction: He adopted the Dirt Nasty moniker and became a purveyor of cocaine-laced sex raps. Alongside Mickey Avalon, Beardo and Andre Legacy, his white-boy rhyme act was legitimized, and Rex found a niche market audience for his over-the-top fucked-upedness. With three albums and several tours on his résumé, Rex continues to ride the Dirt Nasty train, but, smartly, into more radio-friendly territories. The actor-turned-rapper is also a former porn star -- but through the glazed-over eyes of Dirt Nasty, Rex has cleverly transformed the skeletons in his closet into an appealing form of wasted entertainment.

Check out our newly revamped concert calendar for a complete listing of all of tonight's shows. Page down for rundown of tomorrow night's best bets.

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