Flying Lotus keeps Two AM jumping well past 4

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Britt Chester
Flying Lotus at Red Rocks on Saturday night.

Flying Lotus swooped into Two AM Afterhours absolutely beaming after his set at Red Rocks on Saturday night and absolutely tore it down, setting a new precedence for incredible, wordlessly. He let the music do most of the talking without much toasting to the crowd from the microphone. In a word, it was amazing. Even with a last minute announcement (there was probably less than six hours notice that Flying Lotus would be in the building), the place was packed with die-hard beat heads, late night ruffians and warehouse dance kids, and Fly Lo kept the party going well into the wee hours of the morning.

The entire place was covered in black lights, creating an even more ethereal atmosphere as Fly Lo stepped to the stage. Opening with a simple, "What's up, Colorado?!" he commenced to wrecking shop with a set of dope samples and party rocking tracks. The get-down started around 2:30 a.m., and everyone was most definitely there to party. The dance floor was packed, and Flying Lotus was working up a sweat himself and pouring his energy into the crowd. The music selection was magnificent, the transitions were impeccable and the basement tone of Two AM was exactly what the crowd needed to end the night.

Britt Chester
Flying Lotus at Red Rocks just hours before storming Two AM

People were flailing their bodies around in euphoric pleasure -- fueled by Red Bull, the only thing the club was serving besides for water -- while Flying Lotus killed it moment after moment. Ending his set with Waka Flocka's "Hard in the Paint," he had the place exploding into cheers. After his set, as Two Fresh ended the night, Flying Lotus kicked it side-stage and chatted with fans.

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Last week, we were throwing down at my place, right?  And some kid was dragging the place down with whatever generic trash was on his phone, so I removed his HTC Whatever from my line mixer, plugged in my iPod, and totally saved the party!

Ru, I'm glad you had fun and all, but what with the over-glorification of a DJ set?  I even like Flying Lotus originals, but why can't we treat this for what it is?  

Playback of other people's creations. 


Have you ever seen a FlyLo set?? He doesn't just replay other people's hits and remixes, he mostly plays his own material with a few samples thrown in and maybe one actual full song by another artist, but other DJs don't even touch how original a Lotus show feels. 


I have, but I still think this review is insulting every real live performer's intelligence.

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