Red Rocks' famous hidden tunnel: A peek at the rock star signatures beneath the stage

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With the help of a psychic, legendary promoter Barry Fey reconnects with some old friends (Tommy Bolin and Jimi Hendrix) and one bitter adversary (Bill Graham) at Red Rocks

A hidden tunnel underneath Red Rocks Amphitheatre is covered with signatures from some of music's biggest names, spanning from beneath the stage to the ampitheater's sound engineering area. With signatures from lighting technicians who've toured with Tori Amos to a recent stencil by Grammy winner Bon Iver, viewing and signing the tunnel is an exclusive opportunity. Unless you're performing at Red Rocks -- or helping load-in the production -- chances are you'll never set eyes on the tunnel. If you do happen to make it back there, explore the walls and we're sure you'll find at least one of your favorite signatures. Page down to get a gander.

The scene from near the stage at Red Rocks during John Mayer's September 2010 concert.









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Red Rocks Amphitheatre

18300 W. Alameda Parkway, Morrison, CO

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Ben Deco
Ben Deco

Let's start a White House petition to remove ICPs mark.

Marc LaDoucieur
Marc LaDoucieur

Neat idea to show this, but if no one knew how old the place is, they would think that it was built in the '80's. The only one that was pre-1983 was Jimi Hendrix and there's no way of knowing if he did that or not. Kinda lame. Many more artists and bands that have been through there that are MUCH more famous than the ones shown. Was the photographer born in 1990 or something?


I shouldn't have to point this out, but where the fuck is U2?  Its like the photographer loved all the openers and Styx.  You know Bono signed in somewhere and then he and the band went out on the stone and played the single most significant concert of the 20th century.  WTF?

Zack Lewis
Zack Lewis

i have signed those walls... 2003 when i worked there #dreamjob

Mike Irlando
Mike Irlando

I've seen it before and jimi Hendrix is the coolest one


The name wall in the bottom of the Hi-Dive is soo much more fun.


Wow, a bunch of nobody band from the new century! I am so impressed with all those signatures from all those classic famous performers.


Been in there and signed my name, during a Steve Miller show!

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