Review: Ministry at Ogden Theatre, 6/17/12

Tom Murphy
Ministry at The Ogden Theatre


When the ominous chorus of "Psalm 69" rang out during the first song of Ministry's encore, everyone cheered louder than they had the rest of the night. The chilling music, the sort of thing you'd expect to hear in a movie about a misguided cult or the Antichrist, resounded in the room with the kind of dark majesty and force you could never get from listening to a record. It ended up being the first of a six song encore -- more or less half the length of the show proper.

Tom Murphy
Ministry at The Ogden Theatre

The first thirteen songs of the set drew from Ministry's most recent five albums, including the opening number, "Ghouldiggers." On the screen, Al Jourgensen appeared as a figure against a red spiral and when he referred to rock stars who died to young like Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain (all dead by 27), each appeared on screen in miniature for a song that is a joyfully vitriolic lambasting of the music industry.

Tom Murphy
Ministry at The Ogden Theatre

"Rio Grande Blood" had the forcefulness of a fully realized synthesis of thrash and industrial as did "LiesLiesLies." Before and after "99 Percenters," Jourgensen got on the mike and had some choice words about Wall Street that might have come across as a bit heavy handed to some of the audience. Perhaps even preachy. But when you're not someone who was directly involved our current economic dilemma, it's hard to feel too much sympathy for vampires on the body politic and his anger is completely understandable.

A lot of older fans probably didn't know a lot of the newer material, but the band sounded great, and it made songs like "Waiting" and "Worthless" a bit even harder than you would expect. When the main set ended with "Kyber Pass" with its middle eastern flavorings, it was obvious the band wasn't done and would come back.

Tom Murphy
Ministry at The Ogden Theatre

We waited about ten minutes or so and after the "Psalm 69," Ministry treated us to "N.W.O.," "Just One Fix," "Thieves" and "So What?" and Jourgensen graciously thanked the audience for being so great this time. Truth be told, this was a stellar audience that knew the words to the old songs and some of the new songs, and no one seemed to be acting the fool. A rarity for any bigger show. So, instead of leaving, the band came back to join Jourgensen and they performed the excellent Stormtroopers of Death cover, "United Forces," a metal classic, and Ministry made the tune its own.

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