So-Gnar's Shredded Beats premieres at Larimer Lounge with Michal Menert

Jonathan Shoup

Michal Menert is a busy man. From dropping multiple albums to playing show after show under the monikers he's created with other Pretty Lights Music artists, he is always on the grind. Tonight at the Larimer Lounge, he'll play a special set for the premier of the So-Gnar's Shredded Beats Japan installment of the three part snowboarding/music/art series.

Three part installment comes on the heels of So-Gnar's Shred Circuit, which included stops all over America, and now including Japan. Pat Milbery, So-Gnar's founding owner and pro snowboarder for Allian Snowboards, has also been on the grind touring around the world spreading his passion for snowboarding and culture to any and all willing to partake.

"I thought to myself," Milbery opens, "If I bring Michal [Menert] over here, he's going to love it." Milbery ventured to Japan in February pushing his So-Gnar influence and passion to kids and pros involved in his snowboarding camps. Menert followed shortly after for a ten day trip which would include playing music, digging out snowboard spots and engulfing himself in Japanese culture.

"We were in a place in Tokyo called Roppongi," he adds, "which is the place to be if you want to be up all night dancing your ass off." Milbery has built a lot of connections in his years as a professional snowboarder, one of which turned into an opportunity to bring Menert over to play his music.

"The venue is called Club New Lex," Milbery enthusiastically explains, "and it's right in the central part of Tokyo's party district." He made connections in past visits and decided it was time to bring some of that American flavor to Japanese culture.

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