Colorado's ten best camping festivals

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Britt Chester
Shadows Ranch, home to Sonic Bloom and CampFest
Colorado will see more camping music festivals this year than ever before, and we've compiled a comprehensive and organized list so you know which ones to attend, if you can't make them all. We've even rated them based on several very important factors from location, to price, to music. Take a gander at our list, and let us know which ones you plan on attending. Maybe we'll be able to hook you up!

10. CampFest, August 31 - September 2 (Labor Day weekend)
Location: Shadows Ranch - Georgetown
Line-up: Orchard Lounge, DJ Bedz, Kraddy, The Malah, Technicolor Tone Factory, Eminence Ensemble, plus over fifteen more bands and DJs
Price: $49-$125
Amenities: Within fifteen minutes of Shadows Ranch, guests can enjoy machine guns, wine tastings, zip line tours and guided mountain biking trips. On-site, campers can enjoy free fitness classes and the beautiful scenery.
Wildard: Campfest is offering "glamping," which is basically camping for people who don't camp. For $995, you and a guest can enjoy a fenced off pre-built tent, free drinks all weekend, and food tickets from the vendors. Oh, and it's on soft grass.

9. Take it to the Bridge, July 20-22
Location: State Bridge grounds
Line-up: The Motet, Black Uruhu, See-I (featuring members of Thievery Corporation), That 1 Guy, Euforquestra, Bedrockk, Dubskin, Mikey Thunder and more
Price: early-bird special $50, increased to $60
Wildcard: With a stacked line-up consisting of local and national acts that range in jazz, funk, rock and hop-hip, you'll get a refreshing appreciation of music.

8. Higher Ground Music Festival, August 24-26
Location: Private lots above Central City
Line-up: The Epilogues, The Knew, Bop Skizzum, Kill Paradise, The Swayback, Fierce Bad Rabbit, The Photo Atlas, Eldren, Caleb Slade, James and the Devil, Broken Tongues along with Northern Hollywood's The Royal Heist and many more.
Price: Single day pass - $20, three-day concert-only pass - $55, three-day VIP concert-only - $85, three-day concert and camping pass $105, three-day concert and camping VIP pass $155
Amenities: food trucks, VIP receives t-shirt, lanyard and the opportunity to mingle with artist.
Wildcard: Camping sites must be reserved prior to the event, and each camping site is a designated ten-foot square footprint. Leave no trace.

7. Syntonic Music Festival, August 3-5
Location: Berthoud
Line-up: ChrisB, Omega, Unlimited Aspect, The Widdler, David Starfire, Future Simple Project, Miraja, Cloud-D, Desert Dwellers and more.
Price: $75, $90, $100 at the door
Amenities: restrooms, and lots of forest.
Wildcard: Fire dancers from Lunar Fire, sound provided by Bass Couch, and it's in the woods? Sounds like a full-moon party with heavy bass.

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State Bridge is the Best Venue but Putting The Find Your Way Festival on the list and not Sonic Bloom is a joke ... someone writing this list must really really like underground hip hop... Yarmony grass is the best camping Festival with the best vibes in Colorado !

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