With the help of a psychic, Barry Fey reconnects with some old friends and one bitter adversary

Bill Graham

Mark Sarfati

Barry Fey: I have one real question, which I'd like someone to answer for me. It's well documented: my hatred for Bill Graham, and it was justified. But I'd like to find out why he did to me the things he tried to do. I mean, we were supposed to be friends. I would really like to know. I could never figure out...

Michelle Houchens: He would have called you a friend. He did call you a friend. He would have called you a friend...

BF: No, I understand. He's the biggest hypocrite who ever lived.

MH: So let's start with Bill Graham.

BF: I don't want to talk to him... I would just like to know why he did, from 1973, a continuous bunch of stuff to hurt me and my family, and I've never been able to figure out.... It drove me to become a person that I am not. I am not a killer, but I tried to have him killed. I'm not a snitch, but I went to the IRS.... He really affected my life, and I don't understand why.

MH: He thought that people liked you more than him. He was jealous of that, Barry. And he thought you could become bigger than you could, and he wanted to step on you. He wanted to keep stepping on you like an ant and crushing you, anything, anyone. It wasn't just about Barry, it was about anybody. Anybody who took over his kingdom -- look out. Now, you didn't try to take over his kingdom, but he felt you could take over his kingdom because people were very loyal to you, Barry, and you had good ideas. You had better ideas than he did."

Photograph by Dan Fong, ©2012
Barry Fey and Michelle Houchens at Red Rocks

BF: Can I answer that?

MH: Yeah!

BF: Bill Graham was not a fool. Bill Graham knew who he was and what he had done. He never would have anything rationally to fear from me. I was a pimple compared to...Bill Graham started a lot of this stuff, and if he felt like that...

MH: But pimples turn into...

BF: They fester.

MH: Right.

BF: If that's the truth, I'm very happy because then he was unhappy.

MH: It's a compliment to you, but he was very fearful of you and fearful of anybody...

BF: I can't even imagine that. I mean he was Bill Graham, man.

MH: Fear is not always rational; it's rarely rational.

BF: I would be happy to believe that.

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Even if I was open to this I'd call it B.S. Why?   The Tommy spirit mentions ribs.  Tommy was actually a vegetarian.  And after that he prefered drinks to actual food.


At that Italian restaurant being torn apart they found some 1973 betting slips.

I'm Psychic Too ... Not.
I'm Psychic Too ... Not.

Okay, not only am I dumber for reading this, I'll never get the 5 minutes of my life back for doing so.  What a bunch of BS...

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