With the help of a psychic, Barry Fey reconnects with some old friends and one bitter adversary

Tommy Bolin


Michelle Houchens: So Tommy says, 'Hey, man, Barry is my friend, and still my friend, and still, well, around me most of the time. Barry, I'm around you all of the time. When you think of me, you literally, kind of, feel me around you, man. I am around you. I worried about you, but you worried about me more, and I think you were right.' [laughs] 'I think that in this whole big ballgame we call life, that, man, taking care of each other is something people...underrate.

'I don't think that people really realize how important it is that we should love each other. Now, I wouldn't have said that on the earth a lot, but I did say it to my friends and I said it to Barry. He's a very important person to the world and to me. Now, man, did we have some fun times. We had a lot of fun times. But the best times, really, Barry, were just you and me eating ribs, barbecue, bullshit, and just having what I'll call brother time. Time between you and me, man. That's it. That's what I would say, Barry, is that I'm still here. No, I don't look the same. I don't act the same. I'm a little bit better, but not much.'

[Fey gets emotional.] 'But this is really, really, really -- ugh, man, you're breaking me up. Barry, I love you. Man, I never said that to him enough. Wow, he wasn't like a father... like a brother to me. He's like a brother to me. I love him. So, essentially, Barry, this is what...wow. This is pretty freaky weird, I'm sure, to you, but to me, it's like a dream come true to tell you I love you, man, and I'm watching over your back. I told you I always had your back, Barry. I have your back. Right now, I have your back.'

Barry Fey: I loved him so much, but I couldn't handle it. I know I'm naive when it comes to drugs, but I saw him destroying himself, yet I saw everybody love him except him [wails]. Oh, sad.

MH: 'Barry, I saw how much you loved me in your eyes, how you would look at me and take me, well, sometimes literally, pick me up off the floor, and help me, like, man, I couldn't do it anymore. But you said, "C'mon, man, just pick it up. Get it together." Keep me going. It was unbelievable, Barry.'

BF: I treated him better than I treated my own children, and yet I pretended I didn't know. But if I was so naive about drugs, then why would...? Chuck Morris and I went with Tommy for his physical, and I suggested that Chuck submit his urine [laughs]. And then Chuck told me he couldn't use his urine anyway, and I used my urine. So how could I really say I didn't know, but I...we got him a house in the hills in L.A. and he was doted on, and he spent so much money with..."

MH: 'You protected me, Barry, and I couldn't believe you did that. I told you that. I can't believe you're doing this, man. It's okay. "Whatever, it's okay," I told you. And you said, "No, no, no, no, no." And you took care of me. And I was a sloppy mess. I was a mess. You are a good guy. You are a really good guy in this world.
[Fey breaks down.] Really, I told you that. You know that. You are a really good guy...

'I feel like I'm hurting him, Michelle. I don't want to hurt him. I just want him to know how much I love him. Man, you are the man. He promoted me. He got me...shows...I love Barry. He was always real. There was no bullshit, no bullshit at all. I tell him that: Barry, you're real. Now, Barry, I'm gonna tell you: You need to get hotter chicks around you, don't you? That's what I tell you; that's what I would have laughed and told you. You are the man. Have fun on the earth -- that's what I would tell you. Man, I miss it. I miss all the smells, the food, and I even miss the drugs. I can't help but say that. I do miss that, Barry.'

BF: Oh, Jesus Christ... I thought this was supposed to be fun.

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Even if I was open to this I'd call it B.S. Why?   The Tommy spirit mentions ribs.  Tommy was actually a vegetarian.  And after that he prefered drinks to actual food.


At that Italian restaurant being torn apart they found some 1973 betting slips.

I'm Psychic Too ... Not.
I'm Psychic Too ... Not.

Okay, not only am I dumber for reading this, I'll never get the 5 minutes of my life back for doing so.  What a bunch of BS...

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