"Walking Down Death Row," the eerily titled song by James Holmes's sister

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The face is pretty unmistakable: The features look strikingly similar to the now iconic visage that's been burned into our collective consciousness over the past ten days. But this face doesn't belong to the person alleged to have shot seventy people at an Aurora movie theater just after midnight on July 20. This one belongs to a promising San Diego-based singer/songwriter named Chris Holmes, who just happens to share a surname -- and a gene pool -- with a suspected mass murderer: James Holmes, who'll be back in Arapahoe County District Court this morning.

For all the coverage of the crime, we know relatively little about him; the legal file has been sealed. But from media reports, we have gleaned some details of his background: James Holmes was born in 1987 in Southern California, attended school in San Diego before moving to Riverside to earn his undergrad degree and, most recently, he was pursuing an advanced degree at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in an elite neuroscience program from which he was in the process of dis-enrolling.

What's more, his late grandfather was a lieutenant colonel and World War II veteran, and there's reason to believe that his late grandmother was a direct descendant of the Mayflower pilgrims. His parents, Robert and Arlene Holmes, have respectable, if unremarkable jobs: He's a lead scientist specializing in fraud control for a California-based software company, and she's a nurse.

Holmes's semi-reclusive life included seemingly zero social media presence -- he's conspicuously absent online, with the exception of reported pages on dating and sex sites. But his sister Chris, five years his junior, is not. Reportedly a student at San Diego State University, she has a notable online presence, including a still-active Facebook page dedicated to her music. And as a musician, she's actually quite talented. Although an original singer/songwriter, like many folks with similar aspirations, Chris gained a bit of notoriety (more than 5K subscribers and two million views) by filming herself covering other artists' songs and posting them to her YouTube page -- which has since been scrubbed.

From the sounds of it, though, no such gimmickry was really needed. Chris has a better-than-average voice and knows her way around a melody. In fact, if she lived in Denver, it's doubtful she'd have any problems finding an audience -- that is, if she lived here and her brother wasn't James Holmes.

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First of all I have been close friends with the family as long as I can remember he was not adopted that's made up and Chris's song is a metaphor of walking down the hard roads and being able to overcome that especially with the help of prayer and the fact that people have to bring the innocent members of the family so much grief and troubles with the slander and lies is honestly pathetic I have sat by and kept my mouth shut about all the things I have read but when you take a extremely talented musician and bash her for a song that if you actually listen and think about what the words say you would understand it is not about death row. I have listened to her sing that song multiple times I even have it on my iPod and was around when she wrote it... so as the media what you SHOULD be doing is Uncovering the REAL facts and reveal the truth like your job description entails. Because pretty much everything that you say with a negative connotation towards Arlene Robert and Chris is complete and udder crap they are AMAZING people who have done nothing but show they are a good family and that they love their son but are consistently smeared and talked about and that is the kind of stuff that the media doesn't tell you so before talking about the family think about how they were Hurt a lot more than almost the whole country when they were informed of everything so leave the family out of your mouths because they do not deserve to have these kind of things that are being said about them


If you were a half decent reporter, you would have discovered that she also has two myspace music accounts:





As well as a video of her singing:



But no, you are too busy ruining the life of James Holmes' family. This girl is an amazing singing and you do not know what led James to do what he did. I hope you feel like trash when this case is over.


But of course, reporters have no ethics or morals.



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