Weekend's best nightlife: DJ Ishe, Donald Glaude, DJ Raw Sugar, Tim Green and more

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Britt Chester
Are you ready to rage this weekend?

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Denver always brags about its dance music scene, and with good reason. We have the best producers in the country working around the clock to make that one beat, that one sound, or find that one drop. This weekend, the Dance Card is full with an array of talent, everyone from local bass master DJ Ishe, Donald Glaude, Australia's DJ Raw Sugar, London's Tim Green and many more local favorites. Page down for the weekend's best nightlife bets (compiled by Britt Chester and Amber Taufen).

DJ Ishe doing his thing.


Founder of Play Me Records, Reid Speed, will be slaying eardrums at Beta Nightclub in celebration of DJ Ishe and Dirtmonkey's album release of "Turn Up The Ride." Take it from us: dubstep release parties are made for getting down, and the new Ishe/Dirtmonkey album is just the right thing for that. Tickets are $10 on Beta's website before the show, and you can bet that price will go up day-of, but not much.

DJ Raw Sugar hits up NORAD tonight all the way from Australia (although he's also spent time in Berlin and New Zealand); a regular of the legendary Tresor, Raw is bringing the funk (and the disco/house slant) to Denver. Ejay and Ivy will support at this memorable edition of Easy Killer. (10 p.m., 21+)

Chai Ung, Korban Dallas, Aquilae, Will Hamm, DJ Lee Harris and DJ REZN will take over the Church tonight, courtesy of Exodus, for some floor-banging good times. (9 p.m., 18+, $5)

Page down to see what's on the Dance Card for Saturday night

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