Global Dance Festival's ten best drops

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Aaron Thackeray

As dance music fans, it seems like nowadays we're all just waiting for the inevitable drop, the part of the song that the entire track builds up to, the climax of the tune that sends all of us into overdrive. There was no shortage of these climactic moments to be had at Red Rocks this past weekend during this year's edition of the annual Global Dance Festival. Like you, we spent all weekend waiting for the best drops, and now you can relive them all -- well, the ten best, anyhow -- thirty seconds at a time. Page down to get the drop.

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10. Adventure Club at Global Dance Festival

9. DJ Ishe drops "Slow and Low"

8. Nadia Ali at Global Dance Festival

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Red Rocks Amphitheatre

18300 W. Alameda Parkway, Morrison, CO

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Who's the loser in the top picture? Definitely a spin cookie!


Who's the loser in the top picture? Definitely a spin cookie!


What track is Hardwell spinning in the #7 video?  Sounds sweet

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