Tim McGraw and other musicians pay tribute to the Aurora shooting victims and their families

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Eric Gruneisen
Tim McGraw at Sports Authority Field at Mile High this past Saturday night.

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On the evening of the Aurora theater shooting and in the days that followed, scores of musicians were faced with the daunting and unenviable prospect of performing for folks when the devastating loss was still very fresh in everyone's minds. While entertaining is something they get paid to do and most likely live to do, if they're human like the rest of us, they probably didn't feel much like entertaining. Just the same, the show must go on, as they say, and each artist chose to pay tribute in their own ways. Some spoke directly about the tragedy and even went as far as dedicating songs to the victims and their families, while others didn't say anything at all, and somehow that spoke volumes. Page down to see how Tim McGraw, Florence + the Machine, the Fray and a few others honored the victims and their families.

Tim McGraw at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, 7/21/12

A day after the tragic Shooting in Aurora, Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney's Brothers of the Sun tour rolled into Denver for a date at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. During the former's set, he paid tribute by offering up a subdued version of "More Power to You," an early '80s song from the Christian band Petra. "Our job tonight is to come out here tonight for just a little while and put a smile on your face," McGraw said. "The point is to have a good time and have a party in remembrance of all the fine, fine folks who lost their lives a couple of days ago. But before we do that, we all talked and we wanted to do something for you guys that might sort of lift your souls a bit. We want to play a song for you, and then we'll get right into kicking ass."

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Mannick D Pres-Saint
Mannick D Pres-Saint

The nerve of these darned celebrities daring to profit off tragedy! */snark

Josh Moore
Josh Moore

It's not daunting. It's life. The best way to help tragedy is to keep going in life. I'm sure these musicians felt awful about the shootings but if it did not impact them directly they should keep going. That's what helps the ones that were affected.

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