The 25 most badass local metal album covers

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Words simply come woefully short of describing the complex and staggering genius of this design touting the forthcoming debut of Axeslasher. It succeeds on so many levels, it's a bit stupefying, really. I mean, metal, pizza, pentagrams? Um, yes, please. Isn't that what it's really all about? What more do you need?

The most lamentable byproduct of the digital era isn't the decline of record sales -- although that sucks, too -- but the fact that we're missing out on so much sweet cover art. It was bad enough when albums gave way to cassettes back in the '70s and the canvas shrunk to a fraction of its previous size. While things got slightly better in the '80s with the emergence of CDs, that medium is now increasingly going the way of cassettes, and we're left without an appreciable way to enjoy the kick-ass art. That's a shame. As you'll see below in our rundown of the 25 best local metal album covers -- many of which you'll notice were illustrated by Vale of Pnath frontman Ken Sarafin, who not only fronts one of the area's most brutal metal bands, but is also one hell of an artist -- we're completely missing out on some great artwork.

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25. Black Sleep of Kali - Our Slow Decay

24. Allegaeon - Fragments of Form and Function

23. Apathy - Leaves In Autumn

22. Kill Syndicate - Bleed Your God

21. Centimani - Aegaeon

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