The five best concerts in Colorado this weekend

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The Alabama Shakes show tonight at the Fox Theatre is one of this weekend's five best shows.

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Welcome to the weekend! As per usual, there's a gajillion shows to choose from. We have them all listed in our concert calendar, which, as you know, is the most comprehensive database you're going to find this side of anywhere. Seriously, it's massive. Take a look at the thing. It's overwhelming even for us. And since you've been working your butt off all week, we're guessing that you haven't had a chance to cull through the listings to find your weekend's best bets. That's why you have us. We've done all the heavy lifting for you, and put together a list of the five best concerts in Colorado this weekend -- we'd say Denver, but, as you'll see, a few of these are outside the city limits -- followed by a list of a few others that are worth checking out.

Starting in the '80s, guitarist Dave Gonzalez released a number of albums with the Southern California-based roots rockabilly trio the Paladins before later founding the western soul group the Hacienda Brothers in 2003 with Chris Gaffney. After Gaffney was diagnosed with liver cancer in early 2008, Gonzalez recruited a group of Austin musicians, including Mike Barfield, onetime leader of the Hollister, to do a benefit tour for Gaffney. After Gaffney passed away later that year, the band kept touring and eventually dubbed themselves the Stone River Boys. That outfit extends the direction of the Hacienda Brothers and delves into country soul. We spoke with Gonzalez about the group, as well as its forthcoming album. Check out the full interview here, and if you can't make it out to El Diablo's Rockabilly and Ribs, be sure to catch the Stone River Boys on Saturday at Central City Roots Ruckus.

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Not one mention of a metal or hard rock band.

Some of us 'Tree Huggers' , still BANG HEADS !!!'


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