Colorado Crush block party brings graffiti art and music together on Saturday, September 8

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An ideal match: Colorado Crush, Colorado's largest graffiti arts block party, goes down on Saturday, September 8 in the Ballpark neighborhood.

Update 9/7/12: The b-boy battle has been canceled, and the schedule has been amended to accommodate. See most up-to-date lineup below.

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Original item 8/9/12: Colorado Crush is upon us. The giant summer graffiti block party founded by Dread is back for its third year, and it has a new name. On Saturday, September 8, starting at 11 a.m., this year's enormous event will take over the ballpark neighborhood, namely the alleyways of the 2600 and 2700 blocks of Larimer and Casselman's, with a mix of street art and music, respectively, for an all-day, all-night party. The list of graf writers who will be showcasing their skills is quite impressive, as is the music lineup. Page down to have a look.

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On the spraycan art side of things, Dread enlisted artists from most of the major crews across the country and to take part in the third annual event. Along with Dread, the artists from all over the country who are coming to town to take part, include Else, Reps, Thrives, Crayone, Dersk, Themo, Codak, 4sakn, Hoacs, Sebs and Jero, all hailing from New York, New Jersey and California.


Throughout the day, the live art will be accompanied by the musical stylings of some well known and underground hip-hop acts on a stage stationed next to the Matchbox. Because the focus is on graffiti, Mane Rok, Colorado Crush's musical curator, handpicked the musicians based on their involvement with the art community. Headliners so far include Qwel & Maker, Kam Moye and the Artifacts, who will be performing alongside a stellar cast of local acts, Prime Element, Ichiban, Input, TimeLine, Qbala, Bullhead*Ded, One Eyed Kings and Skizzaz. MCs and BBoys will also be going head-to-head for prizes of $500 and $1000 in battles throughout the day.

When the sun goes down, Casselman's will be bumpin' starting at 8 p.m. with more live performances, and the BBoy and MC battle finals. With a minimal cover ($5 for eighteen and over, and free for under eighteen), along with many vendors and food trucks, the event is family friendly. Tickets for the Casselman's portion of the evening are $20 for eighteen and up, and $15 for 21 plus, with discounts if you get your pre-sale on.

Antonio Valenzuela
Prime Element at this past weekend's Spirit of Hip-Hop park jam.

There are many missions identified by those involved with putting together Colorado Crush. The first, simple and admirable mission is to "showcase and reinvent the perception of graffiti arts," and with an event of this caliber, they're certainly headed in the right direction. They also want to elevate local artists and musicians, letting the rest of the country know that Colorado has a scene and talent that is worthy of attention. "Our fresh, newer scene can establish a stronghold now", says Dread of his community. "We're in the epicenter of it all," Mane Rok agrees, "the center of the fucking map."

Page down for the daytime lineup and layout/map of the event.

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Hi BA, It is all ages, so bring the little ones to share in the culture!


Hey Nicole any idea what's the age bracket for the daytime shows? Our 5 yr old loves this kind of stuff...

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