Colorado Music Hall of Fame artifacts stolen: Flash Cadillac guitar, gold record and more

This signature Fender Stratocaster belonging to Flash Cadillac's Sam McFadin is one of the irreplaceable artifacts that was stolen from the exhibit, which was still being built.

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The Colorado Music Hall of Fame is prepping for its next induction, set for just three weeks from now. On Saturday, September 8, at the Boulder Theater, the Hall will host a ceremony to usher in the Astronauts, Sugarloaf, Flash Cadillac and KIMN Radio, all of whom will join the Hall alongside Barry Fey and Harry Tuft, the most recent inductees, and John Denver and Red Rocks Amphitheatre, the inaugural entries. The planned induction just hit a frustrating snag with the theft of some of the Hall's memorabilia this past weekend.

The Colorado Music Hall of Fame's next induction is slated for Saturday, September 8 at the Boulder Theater.

According to G. Brown, Colorado Music Hall of Fame director and curator, thieves broke into the warehouse in unincorporated Adams County where the permanent 16' x 7' exhibits (see below) were being made, and helped themselves to some artifacts, namely a signature Fender Strat belonging to Sam McFadin of Flash Cadillac, a gold record belonging to Warren Knight that the outfit earned for the American Graffiti soundtrack and a leather jacket and shark mask that belonged to Linn "Spike" Phillips III.

The Colorado Music Hall of Fame's Flash Cadillac exhibit before some of the items were pilfered.

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