The fifteen most eye-grabbing posters of the week in Denver, August 20 through August 27

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If you're up early, you've probably already noticed that we put the paddles to Heavy Rotation and brought that feature back to life. We've done the same with another dormant feature, Flier of the Week. Starting today, we'll once again be paying tribute to the tried and true, time-tested method of promoting shows. This past week, we made our way around town and captured the eye candy taped to windows and affixed to light posts across the city at places like 3 Kings Tavern, Sputnik, Twist & Shout, Wax Trax and Beauty Bar. If there's a flier you think merits inclusion, break out your camera phone, fire off a shot and send it us, along with a note of where you saw it, and we'll consider it for next week. In the meantime, continue reading to see this week's posters.




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