Grand Paladium and Oasis Cabaret razed to make room for truck parking

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The former Oasis Cabaret.

Since first opening in unincorporated Adams County at I-76 and Pecos a decade ago, the Grand Paladium -- which earned a nod in our 2004 Best of Denver issue for Best Metal Detector in a Club -- and later its eventual conjoined twin, the Oasis Cabaret gentleman's club, have had their share of struggles, from having access to both clubs severely limited due to the ongoing construction on Pecos to being seized for non-payment of taxes in February 2010. But all of that's a memory now, as the entire building has been razed.

The former Grand Paladium has been torn down.

John Fuller Jr. of Fuller Western Real Estate says the property was sold last January to a nearby trucking company. The 32,000-square-foot structure, which had a 7,500-square-foot expansion added in 2006, was built on a landfill. The building had since settled, which evidently caused a lot of cracks and structural issues that may help explain why it was torn down. The land will most likely be used now for parking trucks.

Site where the Grand Paladium and Oasis Cabaret once stood.

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Grand Paladium - CLOSED

1300 W. 62nd Ave., Denver, CO

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