Motown Tuesdays at Beauty Bar is all about good times, good, classic music and good food

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Scott Kaplan

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Noah Ray's grandmother probably never guessed that her waffle recipe would be served up at a bar -- yet, for some reason, it's a natural fit alongside fried chicken and Motown. After only a month and a half, Beauty Bar's newest venture already has a following of sweaty dancers and casual, chilled-out drinkers, qualifying it as the funkiest -- and most delicious -- Tuesday-night-out on the scene.

Scott Kaplan
Noah Ray and his grandmother's waffles.

At 10:30, Noah Ray, owner of Beauty Bar, is apron-clad and hair-netted, dutifully tending to his waffle iron. It's already a good crowd, even though DJ Caramello (aka Miggy Camacho) thinks everyone headed for the hills to see Justice at Red Rocks. A crowd of Capitol Hill dwellers and industry locals are hovering around the bar, grabbing beers and plates of chicken and waffles like it ain't no thing. Just another Tuesday night...right?

Scott Kaplan
Mitch Slevc getting his groove on at Beauty Bar's Motown Tuesdays last night.

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I dip into the dance floor to see if any brave souls have started the party, and Jamie Halladay is the first one out there -- same as last week, same as Mile High Soul Club a few weeks ago. He's wearing his trademark bandana, and already showing the sheen of someone who has been at it for a while. This guy loves to dance, and he's good. His partner-in-crime, Mitch Slevc will be out here soon. I'm sure of it. It's impossible not to get out on the dance floor with these two, and a few minutes later, like clockwork, a couple is out there, along with a few groups of friends and some lone Motown enthusiasts.

Scott Kaplan
Motown Tuesdays' DJ Carmello (aka Miggy Camacho) last night at Beauty Bar.

DJ Caramello and DJ Maladjusted split their time between the former's Serato and vinyl and the latter's 45s, spinning everything from Dusty Springfield and Marlena Shaw to James Brown and Smokey Robinson. "We've known Noah for a long time," says Caramello, "and when he wanted to do a Motown night, we wanted to be part of it. The chicken and waffles were Noah's idea, and he uses his grandmother's recipe." In terms of the music, "it's what we grew up on," says Maladjusted -- and Miggy agrees. "Everyone can relate to Motown. The content is timeless."

Scott Kaplan
Motown Tuesdays' DJ Maladjusted at Beauty Bar last night.

See Also: Slide show: Motown Tuesdays at Beauty Bar

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Beauty Bar

608 E. 13th Ave., Denver, CO

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you should check out the 1980's 90s night at the Horseshoe Lounge, seems to be the real hot spot on Tues. 100+ peeps every week

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