Motown Tuesdays at Beauty Bar is all about good times, good, classic music and good food

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Back on the dance floor, an awkward, almost middle-school-era circle has formed, with dancers egging each other on; of course, unofficially lead by Halladay and Slevc. Some classic moves are utilized along with some general funkiness that must be inspired by the Soul Train and James Brown footage being played on the projector. People move freely and casually between dancing and hanging out in the bar area, where clusters of friends mingle over tables, munching on chicken, absentmindedly moving their hips to the music.

Scott Kaplan
Mitch Slevc (from left) and Jamie Halladay at Beauty Bar's Motown Tuesdays last night.

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By 12:30, the night seems to be winding down. A few people have arrived after their bar and restaurant shifts, with the earlier patrons disbanding and heading home. For a Tuesday night, they did pretty well -- even with the Justice show. After just two times, Motown Tuesdays has quickly become one of my favorite hangouts.

Scott Kaplan
Mmmm... chicken and waffles at Beauty Bar during Motown Tuesdays.

You can make what you want of it -- you can relax and have a beer in the bar, or you could be dripping sweat in the next room over. You could pretend to come in and have a drink, but really just indulge your inner Roscoe's demon. It's never too crowded, but always seems to have the perfect amount of crowd buzz. Whether you're feeling high energy or low energy, you can tailor the experience to what you want--and no matter what, DJ Caramello and Maladjusted will be spinning great Motown, Funk, and Soul, straight from the heart -- something we can all feel good about.

Scott Kaplan
The end of a great night at Beauty Bar.

See Also: Slide show: Motown Tuesdays at Beauty Bar

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Beauty Bar

608 E. 13th Ave., Denver, CO

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you should check out the 1980's 90s night at the Horseshoe Lounge, seems to be the real hot spot on Tues. 100+ peeps every week

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