Photos: Ozomatli played a free show for the kids at the Spot at Urban Peak on Saturday afternoon

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Abers shares his emotional story of growing up on the street.

Bassist Wil-Dog Abers shared his story of growing up homeless in Venice Beach, where he lived out of a bus with his unemployed mother and drug-addicted stepfather. He talked about being afraid of his future, but shared how his drive to become a musician pushed him through the tough time. "I always had a vision of my life that I was going to end up on the street," Abers said. "I had a stronger passion for music. You know, I always wanted to make it."

Austin Blitzer and Stewart borrow Ozomatli's instruments and show them some chords.

After battling drug addiction with the help of his band members, Abers wanted to share his message with kids who have a similar background. "It's possible to change," he said. "And it's possible to change the way you feel about yourself." After the members of Ozomatli got done playing, the kids prepared a gift for the band: a signed poster featuring murals they had painted. Then everybody sat down for dinner, followed by desert -- ice cream donated by Little Man Ice Cream.

Raul Pacheco poses for the youth with the poster they made for the band

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Spot Urban Youth Center

2100 Stout St., Denver, CO

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