Dead Can Dance at Temple Buell, 8/19/12

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Tom Murphy
Dead Can Dance at Temple Buell Theatre


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After a mesmerizing set, Dead Can Dance came back on stage for the first encore of the night to the sounds of an organic-industrial beat, azure backlighting helping frame the onset of intense emotions that Brendan Perry carried throughout the show. There was nothing gimmicky about any aspect of the show. It was like seeing something dignified and respectful without being stuffy, and the audience truly returned the favor. While the music had clearly struck a chord with many people, and the crowd's enthusiasm was palpable, even the more exuberant members of the audience waited for song breaks to shout out things at the stage.

Tom Murphy
Dead Can Dance at Temple Buelle Theatre

Dead Can Dance began its set with "Children of the Sun," one of the many excellent songs from Anastasis, the group's new album, and the rest of the set offered a tasteful balance of older material with roughly half of the new album. From the beginning, the gracefulness and soulfulness of the music was unmistakable and the sonic detail executed by the six members of the band was lush and evocative. With Lisa Gerrard playing the yangqin for parts of the show and Perry favoring a beautifully lacquered bouzouki, alongside synths and acoustic and electronic percussion, the act never seemed like it was trying hard to evoke another era or bringing in as many elements as possible like dilettantes.

Tom Murphy
Dead Can Dance at Temple Buell Theatre

Gerrard often smiled during the show, defying any preconceived image of her being a solemn artist, while, true to form, Perry joked gently with his dry wit. Together, the pair created a heavy, soul-stirring emotional atmosphere, which serves as the core of the band. On an especially moving rendition of "Amnesia" from Anastais, Perry and Gerrard were like two sides of the same vibrant voice: Perry's like a soulful crooner with tones that resonate with a gentle touch, even when he sings in languages you may not know like on "Rakim," and Gerrard's almost wordless vocalizations get under your skin in a way few singers' can, especially on songs like "Yulunga" and the more sunny "Ariadne."

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Temple Buell Theatre

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