Die Antwoord at the Ogden Theatre, 8/6/12

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Aaron Thackeray
Die Antwoord last night at the Ogden Theatre. Slide show: Die Antwoord in Denver


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Die Antwoord's draw is a bit beyond the realm of rational comprehension, the fact that a South African rap crew can sell out a venue the size of the Ogden without much of the crowd actually knowing the words to the group's songs. Casually strolling out in matching orange sweat suits emblazoned with their logo, Ninja (aka Watkin Tudor Jones) and Yo-Landi Vi$$er (aka Anri Du Toit), the two MCs who have carved a niche for themselves unlike any other group in the world, absolutely blew the pants off the Ogden last night, as the Zef-style crew ripped through most of the tracks off $0$ and Ten$Ion.

Aaron Thackeray
Ninja of Die Antwoord last night at the Ogden Theatre. Slide show: Die Antwoord in Denver

Blending English slang with bits and pieces of Afrikaans into each song, Die Antwoord (Afrikaans for "The Answer") has developed a formula unlike any other group in the world. Claiming "Zef style," a term that applies to social class more so than anything else, Ninja and Vi$$er proudly wear the status, along with shiny gold chains and wildly badass '80s haircuts -- Ninja himself rocks a semi-mullet-reaching-rat-tail, while Vi$$er's buzzed scalp is halo'd by a waterfall of flowing blond locks.

Aaron Thackeray
Die Antwoord at the Ogden Theatre last night. Slide show: Die Antwoord in Denver

As Ninja rapped through "Wat Kyk Jy," Vi$$er reappeared on stage sans the orange sweats in some booty shorts and a disco-ball-esque jacket to perform "Rich Bitch." Once Ninja and Visser started really laying on the lyrics, people just kind of stared in awe. When a heavy beat would drop on cuts like "Never Le Nkemise" and "Hey Sexy," the sold-out crowd would proceed to grind awkwardly on each other -- but that didn't last. The energy was high, but it plateaued at that awkward "is it appropriate to dance to this music like I dance to other music?" moment.

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Ogden Theatre

935 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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