Mumford & Sons at Red Rocks, 8/28/12

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Eric Gruneisen
Mumford & Sons last night at Red Rocks.

And the hits kept coming. The members, standing four abreast onstage, played "White Blank Page" (from 2009's breakout album Sigh No More) and a new one, "I Will Wait," while the giant screen near the stage showed close-ups of the band playing, rendered tastefully in black-and-white.

The Babel songs continued with Mumford taking a seat behind the drums and playing a full-on, rocking (well, for a folk band anyway) version of "Lover of the Light." The synchronized clapping showed, as if it weren't already obvious, that the new tunes would soon be as beloved as anything off the band's last record. "The Cave" was next, which a friend described as "epic journey music." It's true, though: The song had a definite feel of something to listen to when preparing to slay dragons or embark on a million-mile odyssey.

Eric Gruneisen
Mumford & Sons last night at Red Rocks.

By this point, Mumford & Sons had accomplished what has long been a tradition in rock concerts, starting off the audience with slower, familiar work, then climaxing with a big arena-style production, and finally letting them down easy with a few quieter, somber tunes. The act finished its last note of the "official" set at 10:30, walking off stage to great fanfare for a few minutes before returning to play an extensive encore. By the time they played "After the Storm," it became obvious, as if it hadn't been the whole evening -- this crowd didn't want these guys to go anywhere.


Personal Bias: Due to the fact that the entire venue was reserved seating (or at least it seemed that way), I was pushed all the way to the back. Even so, Mumford & Sons still looked and sounded great.

Random Note: There was a film crew at the show, plotting out places to shoot for tonight's gig (which also features local boy-done-good Nathaniel Rateliff). The band will be making a concert DVD from this performance.

By the Way: The proximity of the concession stand to the back row at Red Rocks makes everything smell like grilled peppers. There ain't nothing wrong with that.

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Red Rocks Amphitheatre

18300 W. Alameda Parkway, Morrison, CO

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IMHO, Mumford's sound crew turned them up WAY too loud that it was distorting their voices and harmonies - the real reason people like them in the first place.   One could barely discern the mandolin, the keys, and the uniqueness of Mumford himself, or the others' was shame really and disappointing concert all around.

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