Ten best (and sweetest) rock beards in Denver

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Darren Mahuron/Summit Studios
Jason Downing of Musketeer Gripweed has one of the best rock beards in Denver.

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Last April, our Show & Tell blog ran an infographic about beards, and it gave a brief history of beards, and how women found full-bearded dudes to be two-thirds as attractive but 51 percent as cheerful as clean-shaven dudes. But the graphic neglected to address what effect a beard has on a guy's ability to rock. Houses frontman Andy Hamilton recently snipped off one of the most righteous beards in town, and he's now rocking one sweet, sweet 'stache that's equal parts Lorax, Yosemite Sam and Sam Elliott. In honor of this momentous occasion, we present you with the ten best (and sweetest) rock beards in Denver.

Josh Elioseff

10. Jonathan Meadows and Mark Levy of the Congress
Congressman Jonathan Meadows, a Richmond, Virginia transplant, isn't the only guy rocking the heavy beard. Drummer Mark Levy is no slouch with the facial hair, either. Do the beards add extra rock power? Well, judging from the trio's latest effort, Whatever You Want, we'd say so.

Darren Mahuron/Summit Studios

9. Jason Downing of Musketeer Gripweed
While a few guys in this Fort Collins-based five-piece sport decent beards, frontman Jason Downing sports a fiery face of hair that rivals that of Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson. Downing's beard fits the swampy, Southern-tinged rock these guys dish out.


8. Me, Jon Solomon
Part of the reason yours truly was tapped to pen this here list is because, well, as Backbeat's resident beardo, I know a thing or two about beards. I've got a fairly decent one going most of the time, save for the occasional trimming of the whole thing every six months or so whether I need to or not. The occasional wash and comb keeps it in check so it doesn't look too scraggly when I'm rocking out in a polyester nun habit.


7. Andrew Warner of Snake Rattle Rattle Snake and Bad Luck City
Andrew Warner can usually be seen sporting the Shel Silverstein look of shaved head and beard, which is often clean and precise, like his drumming.

via Facebook

6. Scott McCormick of Boulder Acoustic Society and FaceMan
As one gal commented on Facebook, this photo of Scott McCormick made her think of Jim Henson, and the keyboardist does resemble the Muppets creator.

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Juan_Leg topcommenter

To Be Eaten , is the only band mentioned I'd pay to see more than once....

That first shot was AWESOME ! Wad that photo the contributors doing ???

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